TheraPutty® is a silicone-based putty available in six different resistance levels – XX-Soft through X-Firm – color coded according to how soft or firm the putty is. Made from a silicone polymer, TheraPutty® is gluten, Latex, nuts, egg and soy free.

TheraPutty® is safe for home-environments as it is nontoxic, clean, non-oily and doesn’t stain. Additionally, the putty will not leave residue or a smell on patient hands, it doesn’t separate, harden or dry out. Lastly, it will not stick to skin, furniture or clothing.

The benefits of introducing and using TheraPutty® with an Autistic child are many. Children with Autism often have trouble with fine motor skills, hand strength, coordination and spatial awareness. The uniqueness of the material as well as the variety of progressive resistance levels that TheraPutty® offers makes it an effective tool to practice fine motor skills as well as gain strength.

TheraPutty® can be squeezed, stretched, twisted or pinched, exercises that strengthen the muscles of fingers, hands and forearms, letting children develop skills while having fun at the same time. In addition to fine motor skills, TheraPutty® has also been proven effective in sensory integration therapy and improving daily functions in children with Autism. Sensory integration therapy uses play activities to change how the brain reacts to touch, sound, sight and movement. Therapy Putty such as TheraPutty® is often an integral aspect of sensory integration therapy.


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