PiCaBoo – Picture Communication Book


PiCaBoo (Picture Communication Book) is a collection of 150+ picture flash cards with 9 categories which includes Home Acts, School Acts, Actions, Emotions, Regulations, Foods, Places, Toys & extras.

This book gives your child the opportunity to express their needs and wants through the collection of pictures.

PiCaBoo also comes with Playsheets for our kids. A colorful multifunctional activity to learn gross motor skills, hand function, eye hand coordination, visual perceptual skills while identifying actions, toys, foods and sentence formation.
Use it anytime, anywhere to enhance your child’s vocabulary and cognitive skills with fun.

Use Sentence strip and Playsheets to make learning more fun and engaged.

Developed with the collaboration of Speech Language Pathologists and Occupational Therapists based in Nepal. Durability and functionality has been the core focus of this book development.



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