Parts of Body – Boy with Knob




This puzzle shows various parts of the body such as face, legs, finger, neck, hand, knee, etc., This is a great game for children to learn the names of their body parts. This puzzle is designed to develop hand and eye co-ordination and the recognition of simple shapes while putting these knobbed pieces back in the cavities. Each knob has a grip that is made for the easy manipulation of the pieces. These big knobs also make the puzzles ideal for children with impaired motor skills.
Unique: Each puzzle has a built-in tray which provides a stable base while the child is playing and also serves as a container preventing scattering and the loss of pieces when not in use.

Durable: Made from MDF by a special process. The pieces can be wiped or cleaned with a piece of moist cloth. Naughty fingers cannot peel or scratch the pieces.

Attractive: Bright and colourful pieces those are attractive to children.


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